Conservation Framing

Conservation Framing involves the protection and preservation of the artwork.

▶︎‘Tru-Vue’ Conservation glass
▶︎‘Tru-Vue’ Ultra Vue glass (no reflection)
▶︎‘Art Glass WW’ (no reflection)
▶︎‘The ultimate ‘Museum Glass’


Quite apart from the aesthetics, it prevents the glass from touching the work and decreases the potential for deterioration.
To protect the art work, photos, prints etc.,we always use:
Conservation Museum Quality Matting
Acid Free rag backing, (for hinging of artwork)
Acid free dry mounting backing (for attaching quality posters etc)

Our in-house experiment shows how light (direct sunlight, indirect sunlight or artificial light) can affect a framed work.  
The vivid colours of the map faded dramatically over a 12 month period.