Canvas Stretching

Canvas Stretching

A very popular framing choice and suitable for :

▶︎ indigenous works
▶︎ contemporary oils and photographs.

We use quality Australian made stretcher bars, and use cross bars when stretching large works, to prevent the canvas from developing an hour glass shape.

The current popular look for canvases is to finish off the edges with ‘float frames’. The canvas appears to be ‘floating’ inside a frame, giving it a very enhanced finish. Some of the frames we use to create this effect are shown right.

See how we finish your canvas behind as well, to protect it from dust and damage.

Canvas 016

Canvas 003

Canvas 002

Canvas 001

Canvas 009

Canvas 008

Canvas 007

Canvas 006

Canvas 005

Canvas 015

Canvas 004

Canvas 014

Canvas 013

Canvas 012

Canvas 011

Canvas 017

Canvas 010