3D and Memorabilia

Medals, Memorabilia and Three Dimensional Framing

Gather related photographs and items to include with your framing.The finished work is so much richer if there is a visual story.
A set of medals will be enhanced by photographs and certificates belonging to the person to whom they were awarded.
Grouping together associated items with a person of note, is called ‘provenance’. It adds monetary value to historical and antique items.

Cfs 3d067

Cfs 3d066

Cfs 3d065

Cfs 3d064

Cfs 3d063

Cfs 3d062

Cfs 3d061

Cfs 3d059

Cfs 3d060

Cfs 3d006

Cfs 3d058

Cfs 3d004

Cfs 3d005

Cfs 3d003

Cfs 3d002

Cfs 3d010

Cfs 3d001

Cfs 3d009

Cfs 3d008

Cfs 3d007

Cfs 3d012

Cfs 3d011

Cfs 3d016

Cfs 3d015

Cfs 3d014

Cfs 3d032

Cfs 3d013

Cfs 3d031

Cfs 3d029

Cfs 3d030

Cfs 3d027

Cfs 3d028

Cfs 3d025

Cfs 3d026

Cfs 3d024

Cfs 3d022

Cfs 3d023

Cfs 3d021

Cfs 3d020

Cfs 3d019

Cfs 3d018

Cfs 3d017

Cfs 3d046

Cfs 3d045

Cfs 3d044

Cfs 3d043

Cfs 3d042

Cfs 3d041

Cfs 3d040

Cfs 3d038

Cfs 3d039

Cfs 3d037

Cfs 3d036

Cfs 3d035

Cfs 3d034

Cfs 3d033

Cfs 3d054

Cfs 3d053

Cfs 3d052

Cfs 3d051

Cfs 3d050

Cfs 3d049

Cfs 3d048

Cfs 3d047

Cfs 3d057

Cfs 3d055

Cfs 3d056